Pensées dans la Paris métro

It’s quite easy to spend most of your day on the metro, as it stops every thirty seconds, so normally… It’s quicker to get out and walk!

Let me introduce you to our delightful method of transport that is the Paris metro, and if you’ve already been to Paris and experienced it then I’m sorry to have reintroduced it to your brain.

You see, it’s a great place to people watch and at the same time it’s one of those uncomfortable places where you experience some particularly unpleasant characters. When I first arrived in Paris on a freezing cold february morning at Gare du nord I certainly wasn’t expecting what I experienced. Tottering out of the train I walked through a particularly unattractive looking train station and headed straight for the yellow M In to the bowels of Paris into the metro station. At the time, my French was awful and the thought of using a self service ticket machine to buy a metro ticket was all too daunting! So I breezed up to the ticket booth in a long, fitted, grey military style jacket in, which suited what everyone else was wearing, you know grey, black or… Erm… Well that’s the entire color pallet for Paris (oh and beige lets not forget!)

Using the pigeon French I learnt at school, you know, all the useful things like “Le chat est sur la table!” and “ma maison est loin d’ici!” you know, all the essential vocabulary you’ll need to be functional in a French speaking country….

So somehow the ticket lady understood my franglais and off I went to the pink line ‘4!’ I arrived on a slightly drab looking platform with white tiles floor to ceiling, most of which had some form of water damage. The smell was different, like that of hot rubber! ‘how odd…’ I thought to myself, and with that thought, some version of Victorian transport came whizzing into the platform on rubber wheels.

Had I suddenly just stepped back in time one hundred years?

The train bumped about and slammed on the breaks once it had finally got going, I was abouts to live in what felt like an unsafe and sometimes unsavory museum. I found it all rather amusing yet a year later it was a completely different story. After many hours, musical bands (some good / some that made my ears bleed) pickpockets and propositions, I was more than ready to hop on a velib (bicycle) and risk getting knocked over by an angry Parisian driver on the champs élysées.

Yet sometimes it’s not all that bad, with an hours journey, it’s quite easy to sort out a life plan or administer some self counseling before facing the Parisian world, and believe me, after living in this city for a year, self counseling becomes part of everyday life. Hence why you see so many old school Parisians tottering around the tiny streets of Paris, putting the world to rights with nobody but themselves…

As the train rattled through the tunnels full of glum mugs on their way to the nine to five, I realized how lucky I was to have left that all behind in the big smoke, and although sometimes I looked back in the past and everything seemed like a bed of roses, it wasn’t, it was far from that, yet it was easy to forget.

Now I was my own boss, wafting around the river seine late at night with the smell of my own overpowering French perfume and listening to Nina Simone, whilst the Eiffel Tower casted it’s searchlight from the left bank over the rest of the city.

Thanks to the Eiffel tower you can never be lost in Paris at night… But more importantly, thanks to Paris, I had finally found myself and figured out what was more important in life… Living!

Finally a good base

A trip to see Madame Mercier this week at Galleries Lafayette may have ended the search for the perfect eye base! Unlike Laura Mercier’s eye basic, this product is smooth to the touch and almost feels like a powder finish, ready for you to apply your eye shadow of choice. The product is available in five different shades.

You can apply the product with a cream eye shadow brush, or simply with your finger! Apply a sheer amount of product to the lids from the lashes up to the socket, blends excess/edges with your finger.

eye shadow tip!
Use a base color that is skin toned all over the lid with an eye shader brush, then choose a darker color of your choice and build the color with an eye shadow brush making sure you blend the color as you apply it layer by layer, keeping the inner corner sheerer in color. This will create a very soft smokey eye.

Drama Queen?
Smoke it up by applying the darker color directly onto the base, for a more intense level of color, use a eye blending brush to give you a soft blend of color in the socket of the eye, finish off by applying the base color to the brow bone to brighten the lid and soften the edges further.

new Laura Mercier eye base


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